January 21, 2022

5 Big-Name Accounts to Unfollow Now

5 Big-Name Accounts to Unfollow Now

Don't park your brand in these losers.

It's really hard to unfollow users. Especially the ones you've followed for a while. They become like old friends you never want to say goodbye to. Hey... they're just accounts. Just bits and bytes of electromagnetic energy on some computer somewhere. When it's time to dump a loser account, push the button and get rid of it.

But how do you know when to let those accounts go?

You can't just follow a user and let it sit in your friend feed forever, even accounts that look rock solid today (remember what happened to everyone invested in Rafaël Rozendaal). Whenever you unfollow an account you can always wait for its Klout score to stop dropping, follow it again, and ride it back up. 

A few days ago we told you to watch Simon Whybray after his Instagram upset. His Klout score now appears to be climbing again

Here are 5 accounts with spiraling Klout scores to keep on your watch list: 

Nathan Staplegun

Daniel Alexander

Ryder Ripps

Omaybo Burback

Jon Rafman