October 31, 2020

Absis Minas Slams Chicago Gallery

Absis Minas Slams Chicago Gallery

Absis Minas slams a Chicago gallery in Facebook post, loses it and makes constructive hate list:

Since TriTriangle is trying to get paid members on their roster, I figure it wouldn't hurt to tell them how I think they could improve:

1. Ditch those peeling leather chairs. I ain't sitting on that exposed yellow foam. No telling how many people farted on it.

2. Start on time. You run an art venue. You're not Empty Bottle or Echoplex, and you're not serving alcohol to make these ridiculous downtimes palatable.

3. Turn down the high eq. Anyone who acts like their ears are okay is acting so they don't offend (or they think it's "part of the piece")

4. Disinvite all those professional dog walkers I went to SAIC with.

5. Don't let the guy who just sat down next to me sit down next to me. Why is he talking to me? Get run over.

If you follow these suggestions, I'm certain that you'll get funding members.